Classes Offered

Beginning/Intermediate Tumbling will focus on basic tumbling skills. Students will learn forward & backward rolls, back bends from the ground, cartwheels, handstands, & round-offs. Intermediate/Advance Tumbling students will learn back extension rolls, handstand forward rolls, walk-overs, tick-tocks, aerial's, front and back hand springs, and tumbling sequences. Dancers will gain maximum flexibility in their backs and hamstring areas as well.

Bride & Groom Dance


This form of dance promotes flexibility, timing & musical awareness. Students gain flexibility, strength, balance & control of movement. Classes consist of a warm-up & a variety of combinations both across the floor & center floor.


Our experienced, professional staff is adept at working with anyone--young through adult--at any skill level--beginner through advanced.

Hip Hop

Modern dance is more relaxed, free style of expression.  Modern often utilizes floor in the routines and dancers are usually bare foot and costumes reflect the chosen emotions.  Dancers will learn control, flexibility and body expression. Classes focused on stretching to obtain maximum flexibility. Modern is focused on creating pictures with the body in a performance of dance.  This style will encourage dancers to use their emotion and mood in a creative self-expression. Many of the steps are done off the center of balance, which is amazing when achieved. Dancers will develop creativity in their movements and find new ways to use their bodies for performing and expressing themselves in dance. 


Students will gain confidence in a fun and professional environment, learning the techniques of acting for Film, TV, and Stage.  Acting students will enjoy theatre games focusing on improvision technique, character development, and body awareness.  Lessons in diction (dialect for the advanced levels) will be covered, as well as Monologue and Scene Study. 

Musical Theater

Pageant Coaching

Emphasizes strong emotional feeling & line while telling a story. It is a fusion of ballet technique and bound by the dancer's inner emotions. Both ballet & jazz are the foundation from which contemporary dance is developed.

A class specially designed for dancers ages 2-5. It is a class where young dancers get a taste of each style of dance we offer while developing musicality, rhythm, and technique.  

Worried about your first dance as husband and wife? No worries, let us help you. Give us your music choice and we can put together a routine for the soon to be bride and groom. Classes are private, not with group. Classes are 45 minutes. We aspire to make your first wedding dance the talk of the night and a moment to be treasured forever. Please call to set up an appointment to meet and we will discuss times that work for you and song choices.


Is the basis for all structured forms of dance. Our goal is to develop a disciplined dancer through barre, center floor, & combinations suited to age & ability while developing body strength, self assurance, poise & grace.

Musical Theater is recognized as a newer style of Jazz dance, most notably seen in musicals and theatrical productions such as Oklahoma, West Side Story, Sound of Music, Cats, Cabaret, Chicago, WICKED, and more. Musical Theater classes are jazzed based but set apart by the showmanship & acting skills of the dancers. This style of dance is also related to telling a story through dancers facial expressions. 

 is an extension to ballet training. Dancers perform the same ballet steps on the tips of their toes, instead of the balls of their feet. Special shoes are required for this discipline. Dancers must be at least 13 years... old, have taken ballet technique classes for at least two years, and have teacher approval to begin pointe. The first few months of pointe class will be nothing more than doing exercises to strengthen the feet, legs, and ankles. Pointe is a discipline only for dancers who practice very often and are patient enough to learn correctly. Dancers on pointe are more likely to get injured because they are in a hurry to excell rapidly.

Is designed for the student to really spend extra time to fine tune & advance their "trick" abilities. This class is to help gain maximum flexibility, leaping higher and more gracefully, and also to help perfect pirouette and turn combinations. This class is also designed to help dancers build endurance, and core strength.


Perfect for those who are interested in cheerleading. Students will focus on learning a cheer routine, as well as learning basic cheers and chants with proper voice projection. Involves precise movements,  kicks, and skills such as splits and a variety of jumps. Each class begins with a warm up and stretching section to improve flexibility and cardio vascular endurance. Class does not incorporate stunting, tumbling, or gymnastics. Boys and girls get ready to learn jumps, motion techniques, cheers and cheer dances. This class will help your child prepare for the great sport of cheer that enhances coordination and flexibility.


   Dance Studio


Involves precise movements, impressive kicklines, and skills such as splits, kicks and a variety of jumps. Each class begins with a warm-up and stretching section to improve flexibility and cardio vascular endurance. Over the course of the session, students will learn a full routine which involves multiple formation changes as well as visually effective arm movements that are enhanced with the use of pom-poms. Pom is often confused with cheerleading; although many moves are similar, pom routines are set to music, and do not involve vocal cheering as cheerleading does. Pom does not include mounts, gymnastics or tumbling.

Is a distinguished art form of rhythmic footwork that promotes awareness of timing, rhythm, & mental concentration. Tap is an innovative dance form that evolves with literally every style of music. Tap is the only style where you can hear your progress.

Creating Beauty From the Inside Out
Pageant Coaching for girls, teens & women who would like to develop themselves mentally and physically for pageant competition.
We help to improve your interview skills and stage presentation. Poise, confidence, and inward beauty are the keys to success.
Available to choreograph your talent, help you find music, assist in selecting your pageant wardrobe, offer advice on hair/make-up, provide interview practice and feedback, and make you feel comfortable and confident on stage

Dance Basic

An urban style of dance influenced by R & B music allows students the ability to learn a funky style of dance such as: freezes, popping, locking, krumping and old school, hip hop new style and the newest hip hop trends.  An energetic combination will work on body awareness, flexibility and coordination. Classes are fun, hip, and extremely popular. Hip-hop is a fast-pace; high-energy class that will keep you wanting more. It is a combination of street style moves, isolations, and floor work.  Age appropriate music fills each class.

Dance Extreme



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